Tuesday, November 20, 2007

first day of LEGAL AID DUTY

Ya Allah.. what happen to the malaysian??? are we just civilised in the construction but not in our mind??

my very fisrt client are 12 Banladeshi... they used to work in Pasar Borong but after their service had beeen done they never been paid... em.. when they file a suit in the labour court for not paying of their serivce.. then they been sack off by their employer... now i'm in finding of their right in order to reinstate of their job... because this is kind of unfair dismissal.
what the most sd thing is that this person that been cheated are Muslim and they are also human being... being beaten up when they keep questioning about they wages.. is that what we call civilised????

after being busy with this Bangladeshi then i finished one day of my duty which is very tiring discussing with the labour department officer which don't want this case to be file because he said there id not enough evidence.

today i went to an interview for the jawatan of L41 which i'm not realy like it... but i just go for an interview... just to get an idea how is actualy a formal interview been conducted. i've been stucked in the intervewer room.

after finished up everthing i went back home... have my sleep... i'm so tired... so tired... huh...
and have nuthing to be write up here... i dont even have mood to write more... hehehehe ok chow..


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