Friday, June 30, 2006


Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's
called falling in love, because you don't force
yourself to fall, you just fall.

it hurts to love someone and not to be loved in return, but what is more painful is to never have the courage to let that person know how you feel..
Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman,
but luckier is the woman who is the last love of a man.

go for someone who make you smile.. because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. it takes only a minutes to get a crush on somone, an hour to like somone , and a day to love somone, but it takes a life time to forget someone...

I believe that to truly Love, is the ultimate expression of the will to live. A heart that truly loves is forever young.

it's true that we dont know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we dont't know what we've been missing until it arrives...

a careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress. aloving word may heal and bless. The happiest of people dont't necessarily have the best of ev erything they just make the most of everything that come along their way..

Love, true love, is that which can give the most
without asking or demanding anything in return.

love begins with a smile, growa with a kiss, ends with a tear. when you were born, you wre crying and everyone around you was smiling. live your life so that when you die, you're the one smiling and everyone around you is crying..

Is it Better For a Woman To Marry a Man Who Loves Her Than a Man She Loves.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Pegi giant... bawak eismael ngan zulaykha... beli barang-barang dapor sket.. macam beras dan sayuran... em.. beli jugak barang0barang nak buat lasagna... wa.. best ler kite dah pandai buat lasagna... em... sebenarnya agak mudah je nak buat masakan italian nih... semua ada tersedia di jual.. beli dan buat.. ikut citarasa sendiri... kebetulan after bagi mandi eismael.. dia pilih nak pakai baju lawa... jadi bile dia dah pakai baju lawa... my mom pon kate la.. jom pegi giant.. senang pegi giant.. reachable dan agak dekat dgn rumah.. tak la jauh sgt compared to carefour... sebelum ada giant memang suka pegi carefour... sebab kalau nak pegi sri gombak memang jammed jalan dia.. waduh tak tahan la.. so pegi giant senang.. semua lalau ikut highway je.. tak ler jammed sangat macam sri gombak... yang best kat giant tuh.. macam-macam ada.. sekarang nih kat giant batu caves tuh dah ada secret recepie em.. yummy.. lagi ada ayamas.. ade chicken rice shop.. ade kofta burger.. wa.. ade dunkin donut.. food court dia plak best sangat.. macam-macam ada.. paling best ais kacang katfood court dia.. memang sedap la.. em..
hopefully nanti ada mcD plak.. hehhehe... em...eismael suka pegi giant sbab ade playground.. emm... so before balik ade beli salad kat KFC... best jugak la.. salad dia sedap.. tambah plak ngan chiken pop corn.. memang best... em.. yummy tak sabar plak rasanya nak dineer.. tonight tak buat apa-apa for dinner.. maybe makan nasik je.. sebab lauk ayam masak merah tengah hari tadi dah buat... so relax... oo yeah... so i think the time is up.. i need to do my work out.. tapi.. tuh la my kaki sakit la.. tersepak parquet.. waduh.. berlubang lagi.. tak tau la plak bile la bleh baik kaki ku ini... emm... tapi my bintang kate.. terima la dengan tenang hati.. sakit yang Allah bagi tuh sebenarnya bleh hapuskan dosa-dosa kecik kite.. so saye rase ok sket... walaupon rasa sakit still ada hikmah nye.. thank you bintang for the advise.. ok then.. nanti kite sambung tulis blog nih.. if i had come across somthing that i want to share with my visitor here... buh bye...

Monday, June 26, 2006

bee hoon...

Today for dinner i have prepared a very simple dishes..the dishes is among the famous dishes for my house.. heheh.. My sister in law favorite is also bee hoon.. I do prepared bee hoon name by bee hoon hailam.. It is not too dry but it have to be serve in wet condition.. Then I wonder.. What is actually bee hoon came from.. And what is it actually... later i found out something in the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So I think I should share this with the rest of my blog visitor... here it is... the explanations about the bee hoon... oh before I forget.. Everybody told me that the bee hoon that i cooked is tasty.. hhehehe... em.. I think I’m going to do something better later... :D enjoy reading...

Rice vermicelli are thin noodles made from rice, sometimes also known as rice noodles or rice sticks. They are a part of several Asian cuisines, where they are often eaten as part of a soup dish, stir fry, or salad. Rice vermicelli are particularly prominent in the cuisines of China and Southeast Asia, many of which feature a notable Chinese culinary influence.

Notable dishes

* Hokkien mee: Common dish in Malaysia and Singapore where rice vermicelli is mixed with yellow noodles and fried with shrimp, sliced cuttlefish and pork bits.
* Mohinga: Myanmar Rice vermicelli served with curry gravy and fish
* Pancit bihon: Filipino stir-fried rice vermicelli.
* Satay bee hoon: Rice vermicelli served with spicy peanut Satay sauce common in Singapore.
* Singaporean fried rice vermicelli (星州炒米, Xīngzhōu cháomǐ)
* Summer roll: Rice vermicelli with shrimp and herbs in a rice paper roll popular in Vietnam.


heart is something that Allah had given to each of us... there is two types of heart... the fist one is the type that we need it to generate our body... in other words to breath normally... another one is our feeling... feeling towards creator and others creatures... our did, thinking, decision is actually the reflection of this second type of heart.. As the first type of heart is actually function not within our control.. in Malay it called 'tindakan tanpa kawal'... what I’m going to write here is the heart that is with in our control... em... the heart can be control and lead... we should generate that heart with the guidance from the Quran and sunnah and believe me... our life will be the most wonderful and blessing..

what I’ve been thinking now is about something which is fake... i want my heart to believe in fake... adopt the fake as it is... i'm sure that our heart will be ok and though to facing something happen out of sudden... we will easily receive it as a fake.. and again we will be very thankful to Allah with the fake.. Heart is actually very difficult to be determined and develop.. So take your time.. Prepared your heart to facing the world tomorrow... having a tough heart meaning that u'll have a very wonderful life.. Nothing will make u feel down or up sad... u'll always lead your life to success with a tough heart..

u can order your heart and tell your heart what is actually u need in your life... people surrounding you can never be influent your life because your heart is tough... u just can plan your life and follow the plan as it is... not to have something just because people have it... that is because u never have a tough heart... want to achieve something because someone already have it... it is just for the sake of showing off to people but not due to the self satisfaction... when u done something is because u want it... the satisfaction is marvelous.. u must be really happy when u achieve it... seek for a love when u really need it.. No because other already have one then u also have to have it like other.. the result.. u'll just have a scum bag or a rubbish.. because the thing that suit other not be actually suit you.. u must know what is the need of your heart...

you your self know better what is in your heart... who cares about what people have... but always cares about what you want to have... what suit you.. what make you satisfied... what make you comfort... what will make your life happy... go and grab the thing you want... not to say here we cannot share the joy that people around you have.. But at the same times u should also search a joy for your self... be grateful and thankful to what Allah have given to you.. and never let any go any thing given by Allah.. and as human being... we must always remember that Allah is the great and the most merciful.. He the only One knows what is the best for us... what is worse for us... so if your heart are in chaos... be back to Him... ask for His guidance... pray to Him... believe in His guidance... never astray from the path He show us... be live in His blessing all the time... we only need Allah blessing but not people blessing... do satisfied our self and Allah... build a very tough heart with the guidance from Him... you'll LIVE LIFE COOL!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

menyerah untuk menang...

today... what a day... i keep thinking about life... what happen in life.. people come and goes... drawing up our life with lot of colour... people and surrounding make us more matured and be a wise thinker... and me as a very naive human creation be thankful to the GOD oh Allah the almighty... who know evrything... He the one who had plan the structure of our life.. He knows better what is the best for His creation... so again i should be thankful to his lodrship... provide us with guidance.. al-Quran... but human being alwayd forgot His almighty and keep asking from others that absolutly less superior than Him.... who could i be like that... i shoud't be such a syirk,munafiqun or kafirun... i should bow down to earth thankful to Allah... oh Allah thank you for your blessing... i cant live without your love Allah.. the most mercifull... so is should be grateful..thankful... i'm living in a very beautiful life compared to others people who live in a very sorrow and horrow day.... then i have a lyrics which make me happy...

Hadapi dengan senyuman
Semua yang terjadi
Biar terjadi...
Hadapi dengan tenang jiwa
Semua...kan baik-baik saja

Bila ketetapan Tuhan
Sudah ditetapkan
Tetaplah sudah...
Tak ada yang bisa merubah
Dan takkan bisa berubah

Relakanlah saja ini
Bahwa semua yang terbaik
Terbaik untuk kita semua
Menyerahlah untuk menang

this song teach me how to facing the world with smile. smile is the indication of our thankful.. we shoud be thankful with what Allah have make it fake for us... and the most important thing.. somtimes.. u give it up not to lose but to win... yeah... to WIN!! i'm the winner!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


em... i also been infected with the fever... i'm wondering why is worldcup making people so fever with it...Why is it so many peoples in the world crazy about this game? then i realize one point... where football is a game that been play in most of the country of the world..Almost every culture has reference to the history of soccer.Have you ever wonder how soccer / football games get into our life? When and where is the origin of this game from?

so.. hem... this is my colection.... fuh punye la payah nak dapat ke empat2 ekor singa tuh... em,, yang kite bile 2 je.. kaler merah ngan kaler itam... dua lagi org bagi.. yeah.. thanks for supporting me in completing my collection... yang kuning my brother bagi.. yang putih my mom yang bagi.. yeslah!! cukoop pon empat ekor... kalau nk beli semua mmg eden tak berduit.. al-maklum la.. loan pon lom masuk.. so bile dah cukup ke empat eko singa FIFA nih.. mule le operasi... capture gmabar2 derang secute dan secomel yang munking... bab edit2 gmbar saye tak ler reti sangat.. tapi dlm proses mencai gak ler how to do editing.. kalau di edit rase nye lagi lawa la kot... kebetulan skang nih demam bola kan.... jadi ye la sy pon tamo miss the opportunity in taking part... yeah.. go go go... <--- nak surf anything pasal wordlcup sile ler... bnyk info menarik... sekian time kasih... kalau korang semua org yang baik hati suport le sket web site yang tak seberapa nih..
enjoy melihat singa-singa nih... goleo nama dia kan...
[quote]sapa-sapa dapat bagi tau apa posisi colour-colour singa nih represent sile la bg tau... sy tak brapa pasti posisi nye.. if i'm not mistaken black for refree...

Back to the history of soccer here i have somthing to be read...

The origin of football / soccer can be found in every corner of geography and history. The Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Ancient Greek, Persian, Viking, and many more played a ball game long before our era. The Chinese played "football" games date as far back as 3000 years ago. The Ancient Greeks and the Roman used football games to sharpen warriors for battle. In south and Central America a game called "Tlatchi" once flourished.

But it was in England that soccer / football really begin to take shape. It all started in 1863 in England, when two football association (association football and rugby football) split off on their different course. Therefore, the first Football Association was founded in England.

On October 1963, eleven London clubs and schools sent their representatives to the Freemason's Tavern. These representatives were intent on clarifying the muddle by establishing a set of fundamental rules, acceptable to all parties, to govern the matches played amongst them. This meeting marked the birth of The Football Association. The eternal dispute concerning shin-kicking, tripping and carrying the ball was discussed thoroughly at this and consecutive meetings until eventually on 8 December the die-hard exponents of the Rugby style took their final leave. They were in the minority anyway. They wanted no part in a game that forbade tripping, shin-kicking and carrying the ball. A stage had been reached where the ideals were no longer compatible. On 8 December 1863, football and rugby finally split. Their separation became totally irreconcilable six years hence when a provision was included in the football rules forbidding any handling of the ball (not only carrying it).

Only eight years after its foundation, The Football Association already had 50 member clubs. The first football competition in the world was started in the same year - the FA Cup, which preceded the League Championship by 17 years.

International matches were being staged in Great Britain before football had hardly been heard of in Europe. The first was played in 1872 and was contested by England and Scotland. This sudden boom of organized football accompanied by staggering crowds of spectators brought with it certain problems with which other countries were not confronted until much later on. Professionalism was one of them. The first moves in this direction came in 1879, when Darwin, a small Lancashire club, twice managed to draw against the supposedly invincible Old Etonians in the FA Cup, before the famous team of London amateurs finally scraped through to win at the third attempt. Two Darwin players, the Scots John Love and Fergus Suter, are reported as being the first players ever to receive remuneration for their football talent. This practice grew rapidly and the Football Association found itself obliged to legalise professionalism as early as 1885. This development predated the formation of any national association outside of Great Britain (namely, in the Netherlands and Denmark) by exactly four years.

After the English Football Association, the next oldest are the Scottish FA (1873), the FA of Wales (1875) and the Irish FA (1880). Strictly speaking, at the time of the first international match, England had no other partner association against which to play. When Scotland played England in Glasgow on 30 November 1872, the Scottish FA did not even exist - it was not founded for another three months. The team England played that day was actually the oldest Scottish club team, Queen's Park.

The spread of football outside of England, mainly due to the British influence abroad, started slow, but it soon gathered momentum and spread rapidly to all parts of the world. The next countries to form football associations after the Netherlands and Denmark in 1889 were New Zealand (1891), Argentina (1893), Chile (1895), Switzerland, Belgium (1895), Italy (1898), Germany, Uruguay (both in 1900), Hungary (1901) and Finland (1907). When FIFA was founded in Paris in May 1904 it had seven founder members: France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain (represented by the Madrid FC), Sweden and Switzerland. The German Football Federation cabled its intention to join on the same day.

This international football community grew steadily, although it sometimes met with obstacles and setbacks. In 1912, 21 national associations were already affiliated to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). By 1925, the number had increased to 36, in 1930 - the year of the first World Cup - it was 41, in 1938, 51 and in 1950, after the interval caused by the Second World War, the number had reached 73. At present, after the 2000 Ordinary FIFA Congress, FIFA has 204 members in every part of the world.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my assignment...

How can we use the al-Quran to derive knowledge in the filed of law, in other words Islamize the discipline of law.

The fundamental of Islamic law is based on the divine revelation which had been compile by the previous sahabah and namely by al-Quran or al-Furqan. Al-quran is the complete revelation which is as a book of guidance for the entire world. The term used for Islamic law is Syariah . On the other hand compared it with non Islamic law it is not a divine law but it is man made law which do exist since immemorial. However the law still has to be amended from time to time due to the lack of principal in the law itself. This clearly show that how many defect have in the man made law whereby the Islamic law never been amended since it revelation.

The basic and most obvious distinction of both laws is the sources of the law itself. Western law is a secular law, the law that has been separated with the divine revelation . In west law is something standing outside and above the facts of social life and independent validity of its own which has been claim that not a man made law. On the other hand the truth is that it is a man made law, it is just because it has exist since immemorial and no one cannot detect who is the earliest human being had created the law that widely practice in the western. Reason and logic is the main fundamental sources of western jurisprudent, anything have to be proven by reason and logic then it will believe to be true .

The fact is clearly contrasted with the Islamic law conception. Islamic law is the law that derive from the al-Quran and never been separated with religion .it has been consider as divine revelation that will guided people to know the truth and upheld justice. Islam believes that only Allah is the absolute and superior over everything and He knows everything. So Allah has guided us by lead us to upheld justice through His revelation. Thus it is unquestionable and has independent validity of its own which is not a man made law . Islamic law hold the revelation that revealed by Allah to be the most fundamental sources of Islamic law, Allah the sovereign .besides the revelation sources i.e. al- Quran an as-Sunnah there are secondary sources for Islamic law and known as consensus opinion (ijma’), judicial reasoning, istihsan, istishab, istislah and ‘urf (custom) which does not conflict with the main sources and the usage of it still be based on the divine revelation .

In western law is in the lawyer sense and it will be enforce by the courts and it only govern the public affairs of human being. Unlike Islamic law which cover wider application of law. It cover every field in human life public and private, national and international even sometimes western does not regard it as a law at all. It show how ‘syumul’ the Islamic law which govern every aspect of human life . It is sometimes good to have laws that govern every aspect of life due to the human lack of knowledge. Human knowledge is limited due to man capacities and only knows something which is zahir and cannot see something which is unseen. So the Islamic law that based on divine revelation help to cater this matter. Only God know what is the best for His creation because He knows everything in the heaven and the earth.

The society has much influence in the creation of the law in western. Since the law is not a divine law so man create the law which will suit with their social life and it can be seen that the law dissimilar and divergent from one country to other country . Something which is illegal for one particular country is alleged to be legal in other country. For example, the same sex marriage is legal in Germany but it is illegal in United Kingdom. The law is not standardize and cannot be applicable in anywhere. Unlike the Islamic law which is not influence by the society because it is divine revelation. Islamic law is standard and to be same to all Muslim society. For example if a Muslim had committed zina in the country that it is deeming to be legal relationship, the Muslim is still govern by Islamic law which prohibited such action he will still be punished when he come back to his country.

Judge will decide in order to upheld justice and it is similar with Islamic law qadi who is the judge will decide for the cases brought to the court. In Islam there are also court systems and the procedure is quite similar with the civil law which is created by western. Historically Umar al-Khattab had written a letter to a ruler and the contents of the letter are the procedure that suppose to be in any trial i.e. adjudication, investigation, equality, burden of prove, witness, decision, reversionary power, reward, reconciliation and ethic of the qadi later it be known as principle in the Letter of Umar. So what is my suggestion in order to Islamize the discipline of law is we still can used the law which is existence provided that is must not be contrary with the divine revelation. As I stated before that the procedure used in Islamic law and in the civil law is similar so it can be used as to place the trial running smoothly hence it does not contrary with the divine revelation.

Under Islamic law penalties been provided by the Quran in three categories namely by huduh (fixed penalties), qisas (retaliation) and ta’zir (discretionary punishment) . More to the point, by using al-Quran in order to Islamize the discipline of law it can be done by ta’zir. Ta’zir is a punishment handed out at the discretion of the Islamic judge and it applies to penalties other than hudud and qisas . It is not mandatory and the punishment is left to the qadi to decide the punishment for the person who has committed a wrong since there is no prescribe punishment laid down in the revelation. For example punishment for offences relating to weight and measures provided in the penal code and in the hudud or qisas there are no such offences and no prescribe punishment in the Quran. In addition when there is no prescribe punishment in the Quran ta’zir is the last resolution. So the penal code can be used as ta’zir which the punishment is provided by the ruler. In this way directly we have Islamize the discipline of western law to be inline with Islamic law. Furthermore if there is any law in opposing with the Islamic law it should be amended to make it suit and that is the way to reconcile the civil law with the Islamic law.

Last but not least the civil law still can be use and treated as ta’zir unless it inline with the divine revelation. Since the divine law is come from Allah the creator and only Allah knows better what the best for His creation is. With our limited knowledge and capacity we should obey it and used the revelation as our guidance and we will not astray from the right path.


-Dr. M. S. Rana, Comparative Jurisprudent (Law Publishing Company, 1979)

-Sayed Hassan Amir, Islamic Law in the Contemporary World (Royston Limited, 1985)

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-Dr Naqaty Sanad, The theory of crime and Criminal Responsibility in Islamic Law
(Chicago, 1991)

-Penal Code (Act 547) (International Law Book Services, 2003)

by: mcNods (
0235444-UNGS 2040

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

double match!

YEARS come and go... but today is a special day.. you know why did i say so.. because the date is 20.06.2006. so if we combined it 20062006... double match... it happens only once in alife time... this date will never be seen again for the entire life.. so wish you a very happy day... who ever got married today... the couple are vey lucky.. they have such a wonderful date for their marriage... heheheh... so... that is all...


sedapnye.... makan spaghetti malam nih.. em.. hajatnye nak teruskan kemas bilik... tapi tak siap-siap lagi...tetiba plak mak kite soh wat spaghetti.. jadi kita pon buat la... em... ingrdient semua dah ade.... cume buat sauce dia dan celur spagetti tuh... em... best gak la wat spagetti... em... rase tomato yang masam-masam tuh.. di tambah dgn oregano... dan letak sket mushroom... em... kalau nak rase macam pedas sket bleh ler letak black paper... em.. untuk spegetti plak lepas celur kene ler letak butter sket... supaya dia tak melekat antara satu sama lain... gituh ler citer nye... em.. pehtu makan saja pon sedap... kalau nak rasa masam tomato lagi letak ler lebih sauce tomato...em.. memang sedap pon... pehtu time serving plak nye... letak spagetti seckupnya dan letak kuah 1/3 dari jumpah spagetti.. kalau kuah bnyk sgt tak ler plak sedap... nanti over tak best.. dia kena cukup2
pehtu bile letak kuah tuh.. ade optional sape suke makan ngan cheese... bleh letak ler cheese sket atas tuh.... em...amcam sedap tak bunyi... bunyi pon dah sedap.. apatah lagi makan.. lagi enak... untuk hiasan bleh la letak daun brokoli... sket je la... em... memang enak dan mudah untuk disediakan... hola... go ITALY... huahauhauh.....

sakit tulang belakang..

lepas pegi buat sushi... tetiba la plak tulang belakang ngan pingang rasa sakit... waduh.. nih mesti sebab impact jatuh kat taman air DESA nih... em.. so pegi le mengurut... pegi mengurut kat makcik yam kat selayang.. em.. sedap gak menurut ngan dia... best la.. pandai dai mengurut... kene le charge RM20 sebab urut pingang dan ke bawah.. nasib baik tak der tersalah orat makcik tuh cuma kata urat tegang je... huhuh.. lepas mengurut tuh... ok la.. tak ler rasa sakit sangat.... paih balik tuh.. tetiba datang plak persaan nk kemas bilik... hehehe... tgk boring sgt bilik tuh.. so nak ubah ler sket.. ubah suai... em... mulakan phase pertama... yeah... buang smpah dan vacum serta lap pantai. biar tak dak habuk bilik tuh... o yeha.....

Sunday, June 18, 2006


used to be my habit writing somthing back dated... huahuahuah... so now i'm doing it again... actualy i wanna write somthing about what have i done last thursday.. em... what a day.. me,memah and wedah.. making sushi.... for me this is my first time in my life experience doing sushi by myself.. so interesting experince... huahuahah.. dont know what to say.. i just enjoy my self doing all those kind of sushi... i do made my own created sushi with my own desire recepi... uahuhahua... em... wuiet ok la.. just spend about RM10 each of us can have lot of sushi... yummy... so delicious.. even memah sibling and parents love our sushi... em... wa.. spent the whole day making sushi...
em... last wednesday dah abes exam.. waaa seronok bangat... rase macam best nye cuti pon bermula.. tapi wakut begitu cepat berlalu... rase nye baru je abes attachment kat azhar and wong.. masuk kelas lebih kurang sebulan dah abes dah final exam.. keluar dewan peksa dengan perasan yang sangat riang... yeah... it holiday time... em.. what to do ha?? huahuahahu... so many thing to be done beb... em... i've to list it down and looking for the priority... :D yea...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

dapat markah test...

huahuhauha... markha test dah dapat... em.. last friday... the result quite impress la gak... and my eyes still don't believe it.. i'm very satisfied with the result.. due to the laziness of me reading subject regarding philosophy... huahuah... em.. at least i'm using my brain specifically my brain in answering the philosophy question... there are both three question porvided.. and i required to answer only two.. the total markh for the test is 25... em.. and another 25 is from my assigment that i'm thinking of doing it after i finished typing my blog.... :D em... the total carry marks will be 50% and another 50% i'll obtained it when i seat for my final exam... em... i wish i could get 45% or aboce for my carry marks.. so i could score for an A for my final.. hopefully if i could... morover plus my laziness... huahuha... em... i think that is that all for the day.. rite after the class i went for the library searching for the books for my assigment... heheuauau.. impressive ha.. go to the library... even the assigment only needed 3-4 pages... :P hem... ops before i forgot.. i got another client for my henna bussiness... she is friend of mine... and what make me happy she realy like the design i made for he... then after i went to the library.. another person call me for an appointment doing henna.. heheh.. what a bussiness.. :D so you guys out there who ever read my blog..
please be inform that i'm already strted my henna bussines... so for the one who interested to do it.. just contact me at 012 XXXXXXX and ask for mcnods... any thing can further be negotiated... hehehe...

thank you Allah for made me alive in this WONDERFUL LIFE...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

wonderful life...

hem... today... takder kelas... best nye.. dok umah jer ler.. lepak... huahuahuh... sambil tuh layan je ler citer drama korea wonderful life... em... this drama is quite touching.. because.. i keep crying while watching it.. i dont know whter it is due to the dust or the dram realy touch my heart... or else i'm a soft hearted person.. huahauha... am i?? hem.. maybe... ok this drama is about a gul and boy... which is their fault having a sexual intetrcourse... due to itt.. they have a doughter.. during that time the couple is only teenagers... and their are still stuying in a university..hem.. you know what cause to it?? they actualy dont know each other and completly strangers.. hem. to shorten the story.. the boy is actualy on a trip to singapore alone to make a surprise birthday party to his girlfriend that he know since he was in school... but unfortunalty her girl friend had gone out with other guys.. and when he notice it out he got frustrated... then.. both of them.. had seated together and drink a lot...till both of them intoxicated.. to make that think happen... they used the same hotel room due to no vacancies... as the result... the thing happen and the gul got pregnant.. because they actualy dont know each other and no love between them... the boy had run away... but the gul got pregnant and she had give birth to the baby gul without informing that boy.. because the girl is said to be a very loyal christian follower.. she doesn't want to abort the baby... hem..
the point here i want to stress is not the story.. it is about the intoxicated thing...
with our rational thinking... we can see very clear that why did Allah swt had forbidden intoxicated drink and it fall under one of the punishment for hudud if it has been done... it is because intoxicated drink is the key to every evil andlead people to the destruction... why i've said this??? from the movie it show that.. the girl had pregnant due to their intoxicated state of mind... then.. when she got pregnant.. all of her ambitous and future had gone just like that.. she had to give birth to tha baby that she is not willing to... but then.. she had to sacrifice her ambitous... her happiness.. her family... and many worse thing happen due to it... it is all started with the intoxicated drink... with our rational thinking and we also can do the observation it is actualy rational why Allah had prohit this thing...
from a small sins she had created other sins and problems started approach her dayh by day.. people surrounding also do look down to her... she had been discriminated.. due to having children at the hyoung age and plus the daughter has no father... then.. poor to her daughter... how do she will face the real world??? people will keep talking about her and she will be curse because of her mother fault.... see how did wine or intoxicated drink had done to a life??? so better dont drink...