Friday, June 23, 2006

menyerah untuk menang...

today... what a day... i keep thinking about life... what happen in life.. people come and goes... drawing up our life with lot of colour... people and surrounding make us more matured and be a wise thinker... and me as a very naive human creation be thankful to the GOD oh Allah the almighty... who know evrything... He the one who had plan the structure of our life.. He knows better what is the best for His creation... so again i should be thankful to his lodrship... provide us with guidance.. al-Quran... but human being alwayd forgot His almighty and keep asking from others that absolutly less superior than Him.... who could i be like that... i shoud't be such a syirk,munafiqun or kafirun... i should bow down to earth thankful to Allah... oh Allah thank you for your blessing... i cant live without your love Allah.. the most mercifull... so is should be grateful..thankful... i'm living in a very beautiful life compared to others people who live in a very sorrow and horrow day.... then i have a lyrics which make me happy...

Hadapi dengan senyuman
Semua yang terjadi
Biar terjadi...
Hadapi dengan tenang jiwa
Semua...kan baik-baik saja

Bila ketetapan Tuhan
Sudah ditetapkan
Tetaplah sudah...
Tak ada yang bisa merubah
Dan takkan bisa berubah

Relakanlah saja ini
Bahwa semua yang terbaik
Terbaik untuk kita semua
Menyerahlah untuk menang

this song teach me how to facing the world with smile. smile is the indication of our thankful.. we shoud be thankful with what Allah have make it fake for us... and the most important thing.. somtimes.. u give it up not to lose but to win... yeah... to WIN!! i'm the winner!!

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