Monday, June 26, 2006


heart is something that Allah had given to each of us... there is two types of heart... the fist one is the type that we need it to generate our body... in other words to breath normally... another one is our feeling... feeling towards creator and others creatures... our did, thinking, decision is actually the reflection of this second type of heart.. As the first type of heart is actually function not within our control.. in Malay it called 'tindakan tanpa kawal'... what I’m going to write here is the heart that is with in our control... em... the heart can be control and lead... we should generate that heart with the guidance from the Quran and sunnah and believe me... our life will be the most wonderful and blessing..

what I’ve been thinking now is about something which is fake... i want my heart to believe in fake... adopt the fake as it is... i'm sure that our heart will be ok and though to facing something happen out of sudden... we will easily receive it as a fake.. and again we will be very thankful to Allah with the fake.. Heart is actually very difficult to be determined and develop.. So take your time.. Prepared your heart to facing the world tomorrow... having a tough heart meaning that u'll have a very wonderful life.. Nothing will make u feel down or up sad... u'll always lead your life to success with a tough heart..

u can order your heart and tell your heart what is actually u need in your life... people surrounding you can never be influent your life because your heart is tough... u just can plan your life and follow the plan as it is... not to have something just because people have it... that is because u never have a tough heart... want to achieve something because someone already have it... it is just for the sake of showing off to people but not due to the self satisfaction... when u done something is because u want it... the satisfaction is marvelous.. u must be really happy when u achieve it... seek for a love when u really need it.. No because other already have one then u also have to have it like other.. the result.. u'll just have a scum bag or a rubbish.. because the thing that suit other not be actually suit you.. u must know what is the need of your heart...

you your self know better what is in your heart... who cares about what people have... but always cares about what you want to have... what suit you.. what make you satisfied... what make you comfort... what will make your life happy... go and grab the thing you want... not to say here we cannot share the joy that people around you have.. But at the same times u should also search a joy for your self... be grateful and thankful to what Allah have given to you.. and never let any go any thing given by Allah.. and as human being... we must always remember that Allah is the great and the most merciful.. He the only One knows what is the best for us... what is worse for us... so if your heart are in chaos... be back to Him... ask for His guidance... pray to Him... believe in His guidance... never astray from the path He show us... be live in His blessing all the time... we only need Allah blessing but not people blessing... do satisfied our self and Allah... build a very tough heart with the guidance from Him... you'll LIVE LIFE COOL!!

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