Monday, May 08, 2006

azhar & wong again..

em... hehehehe.... u know why i choose orange.. it is because.. early in the morning.. i found that abang BAYU wearing shirt orange in colour.. his name is saiful sufyan.... hehehe.. while i'm wrinting this.. i'm asking his name... and his father name is mohd razi.. but regarding the spelling i don't know whether it is correct or not.. hehehe... ok actualy i want to write about him.. he is a worker here in Azhar & wong... am i dare to write more about him??? should i proceed with it?? em.. let me try what shuold i write more about him... he is working here in the firm as a file searcher... em... kind of good looking la... bleh la tahan.. not bad.. he is 26 years old.. i ask him last week the age... he kind of a good guy actulay.. he always cheer up the situation.. where when people get tension or stress.. then if he is passing by he will make people laugh... that is part of the good thing he has.. some more.. he love to flirt with a girl... adoi!! unfortunatly he is married.. to 4 month baby in the womb.. hehehhe... pity to his wife.. but from his face... i know that he is sincere with his wife and i think his wife also know how his husband is... adoi.. bleh ke bg tau kat sume orang gini??? people call him BAYU.. i don't know why... i never ask him for the reason... and i think i'm not going to ask him about it... what more??? hehehe... when he have my phone number he keep calling me... but i did not answer it because fortunatly i'm not avaiable at that time... till one night i do... but he said that i'm so garang answering his phone call... huauaua... i'm not kan??? if u dare to try.. call me and experience how did i call the phone call... :P em...wat more?? ha... pity to abg BAYU... u know why?? because his very best talking mate had move down to another floor... new department in this firm... huahuah... last few days.. he look like so terrible... terrible like kucing kematian anak... because he has no more talk mate... then... who is his next victim??? u can guess already.. it's me... adoi.. futher more.. my bos asked me to be sitted at the vacant table there.. near to his table.... :D huahuhahha... tapi takpe.. at least i dont feel so bored when he was there... em... what i feel is that... each office need people like him.. just to cheer up the environment of the office... it is good for the office health.. em.. what more?? i dont know.. actualy there is more to write here but i think i should not revealed everything in my mind.. i shoud give abang BAyu a little due respect.... he has his own pride so do to his wife.... hehehe... what ever it is.. keep on moving abg bayu.. it is good for you.. to always cheer up the office... the most funniest thing is that.. when the boss passing by.. he was so quiet and being like a very good and good and so good guy.. and keep silent without any word from his mouth... em.... buh bye abg bayu... this week is my last week doing the attachment in Azhar & Wong..... going to miss the staff... hopefully there will be a party for us.. like kak Ema said... :D

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