Monday, January 09, 2006

a day before eidil adha

em... today when i wake up at 8 o'clock i've check my handphone whether ther is sms for me.. unfortunately no sms at all... :( so sad.. but then i'm thinking of skip my clases tiday because tomorrow is eidil adha.. my insticnt told me that there will be no clases.. but then i don know where come the guts pushing me from my lovely bed hehehe then i decided to go to the clases.. and if the clases cancel i would prepared somthing for my evidence and procedure presentation... em.. when i reached at the clases i found that no one was there.. but i wait for a moment then come the lecturer Prof Ali Matta..for my buliding contract an elective subject.. then he told me since no one there accept me so he cancel the class... em.. i dono whter it is a good news of bad one.. but what i know is i got another an hour to wait for another clases which is land law.. em.. then i sms my friend to know wtr the land law class also to be posponed like the other.. unfortunately it will be held as usual.. the reason is because due the so many public holiday were on monday... :( but then i meet some friend.. do some talking.. then i'm heading to libraray the most convenient place to lepak.. hauhahah.. sudenly when i reached there.. i feel so sad.. :( no one there accpet the foreigner and couple of malays.. i feel like i'm not in malaysia at that time.. huahha.. since the wheter so cloudy so i had my day dreaming for a while.. imagine that if i'm studying abroad... huaha.. em.. i pick my evidence books and have some revision... an hour pass like that.. then i went to land law class i've been tought about how to caveat the land.. :P
immediately after the class end.. i rush back home... then we went out for shopping... to buy all the needed thing for the barbeque tomorrow nite.. em.. then i bougt KFC... so hungry... after finished eating.. here i'm in front of the copmuter.. writing my blog... em.. that's all for now... thank you...

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