Monday, January 09, 2006

my mom BDAY party..

my mom bday on 7 january.. em.. actualy.. i'm the master mind of the celebration heheh.. that day me and my mom going out for an outing to KLCC.. enjoy doing some shopping at isetan.. i've bought shirt and jeans.. habes kat RM200 :( tapi takpe skali skala bukan selalu.. using my own money dude.. waduh.. but then i send mym mom back hmoe and told my mom that i'm goin to andy's house.. without futher question from my mom i went to andy's house :D the plan going like this.. my 3rd brother Awe were assign to go buy satey kajang haji samuri... em.. it was sponsored by my second brother Andy.. and my eldest brother abgLa were assign to buy cakes.. me.. make sure everthing going well.. all of us then gathered at andy's house.. after finished performed maghrib prayer... we were heading to our home.. when we reached there my mom were still upstairs perforing her prayers.. then we took the opportunity to get prepared... after a while.. when she came down stairs then.. surprise!! hehehe... nuthing much.. just having satey.. some kerupok lekor.. satay.. rojak buah.. mom look so happy with that bsay party.. em.. to my mom i love u so much.. :X but there is someone who is happier and he does not know wat actualy happen that say... eheheh tak lain tak bukan he is wan eismael zafry... my nephew... em.. ape yg best gak.. makan kek siket resepi.. em.. nyum nyum... :D

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