Monday, January 09, 2006

malam eidul adha..

where to start.. Today is the night of eidul adha. eidul adha is the second larger muslim celeberations.. as provided by Allah the almighty that msulim have been provided with two celeberation it is eidil fitri and eidil adha.. The eidil adha is celebrate by Muslim all over the world. The uniqueness of this celeberation are some muslim who has fulfill all the requirement to perform hajj.Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam where in the ocassion Muslim all over the world will gather together to performed hajj at Makkah the most sacred place for Muslim. Hajj only can be performed during a specific time and duration it is only obligef to be performed once in a life time of the Msulim. For the other muslim who are not performing hajj that year will be do a qurban during the day of eidil adha and tashrik day... Muslim will have a cow or goats to be slaughter and will be divided to all Muslim community. The meat is haram to be eaten by non Muslim.. Besides that what more interesting is the takbir will be recite for about 3 days.. compared to eidil fitri where it only be recite for the first day of syawal only.. Just a brief intorduction about eidil adha.. if i had said something wrong please do correct me.. Me and my family had performed maghrib and isya' prayes together in jamaah lead by my father.. After the prayer we had recite the takbir togehter also lead by my dad.. after that abgLa, andy and awe take their turn to recite the takbir.. Eismal also take his part by screaming as loud as he can.. but then later he behave in o good manner by sat on his dad andy and recite the takbir back together... :D so that's all fot tonight.. Coming up more event for tomorrow.. i think i should write in Malay somtimes.. What a bad grammar i have and handicape of vocab... so wish you.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA EIDIL ADHA!!

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