Saturday, January 14, 2006

kelas khat..

purple mode lagi ... em.. tonight i have skills clas.. actualy tonight i was in a plan to skip the class but then.. due to so many public holidays.. i should not skip this class... so.. i wnet to the class... as usual.. i'm late to the class... then half way..i'll meet with the tutor.. and i'll help him to carry on all those thing that needed in teaching khat skilsss part two.. i had done sumthing.. whoc is not as beautiful as others.. but i still satisfied... as long as it is hand made... i made that khat by my self... hauhaha.. unbelievable... :D em.. tomorrow i plan to go to Taman Melewati to find archilic coulur one for me... if i don;t have any.. i will not be able to finished the course work completly.. we were told to hand over the work early febuary.. oh no... i have no time.. biase le tangan tak creative sangat... but i will try harldy to have it done.. draw on canvas and on clay... with khat thing... even it is interesting but is it kind of burden for people like me who does not have any inner skill.. bakat dalaman.. betol ke... :D
em.. so balik dari kelas... singah kat greenwood.. hantar adik balik KUSTEM... sempat gak le... when i get back home... here i am writing this blog... i try to join the chat room.. but today is not as interesting as other day... quite boring la... ok till here for today.. good nite.. sleep well... :P

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